Project Management and Support

Coordinating diverse project partners across cultures from different European countries can throw up unexpected challenges, and our project guidance is strengthened by occasional project meetings and frequent internet communication.

EU Concilia GmbH ensures that you have professional support in setting up and overseeing your project. Moreover, because of our good contacts with national and European authorities, any administrative queries are quickly and easily dealt with.

We accompany you throughout the different phases of the project. We assist you with the coordination of partners, so that each takes on board a clear role in the project and areas of competence and responsibility are well understood. We document our basic methodology in our Project Management Handbook.

We undertake the dissemination of information and calculate the costs involved in the project, as well as communicating with the European Commission and overseeing all the stages of the project.

In this way we remain at the helm and ensure that no unforeseen occurrence can throw the project off course.

Finally, we see to it that the results of your project are effectively circulated amongst the general and professional public.